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Watercolor Galleries
Diane's "Watercolor Galleries" are a reflection of a long career of illustration, design, and watercolor painting. The paintings and the subject matter are varied, rich with color, imagination and detail. In this gallery, the paintings have been separated into "Series". Each series carries out different themes and each painting has its own story. For those of you who love collecting, there are several series that beg to be collected and enjoyed in many different interiors. When framed and matted alike, the collections make wonderful wall displays, and have a dynamic impact when hung in groupings. There is something here for everyone.
French Chairs
French Chairs - This collection of six French chair vignettes give an imaginative view of some chairs of various regions in France. If you have been to France, you have enjoyed a glass of wine in some of these chairs.
Original Chairs
Original Twelve Chairs - A collection of twelve paintings, Diane gives each of these chairs her own whimsical twist. With color, fine detail, and embellishment, the everyday chair takes on a whole new perspective.
English Doors
English Doors - Diane has always had a deep fascination with all things British. One particular area that has always been intriguing are the parish churches and cathedrals. The more ancient doors and architectural features get her attention. This series of six doors are actual places that she has visited in England.
Vignettes of England
Vignettes of England - Again with the "England"! Searching out historical architecture, ancient ruins, tiny hamlets and villages, gardens, and picture perfect vistas, gives Diane a "gazillion" ideas of subject matter in which to build some delightful illustrations.
Blue and White Collection
Blue and White Collection - "Blue Willow" forever! That is the cheer that all who know Diane, is and always has been, close to her heart. So much so, that she decided to paint "portraits" of some of her favorite pieces. For those of you who love "Blue and White", this is the collection for you.
Botanical and Floral
Botanical and Floral - Painting floral and botanical still life almost comes naturally to watercolor artists. This series is one that had to be included in the gallery...... as you might have the perfect little wall area that needs cheering up.
The Odd Tie
The Odd Tie - This series has nothing to do with "ties"! Diane named this group after the British expression translating somewhat as "an item that doesn't quite fall under one category." Therefore, this is the series that she places all her "one off's" in. Using artistic license, this is where anything goes. There is something in Series 7 that everyone can enjoy.
Just For Fun
Just For Fun - This series is really "Just for Fun"! My renderings of fanciful, whimsical, and imaginative chair vignettes are total eye candy. There will be many additions to this series... visit again soon... Just For Fun!
Diane Tubb Art
Diane Tubb Art
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Diane Tubb Art
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